Installation Information


Used by Ocean Pipe on most precast products, the Swift Lift System is a connect/disconnect system allowing precast concrete elements to be handled quickly, repeatedly and safely. Swift Lift pins are cast into our products at the time of manufacture. Installers will need to have the appropriate Swift Lifting Eyes (clutches) on site. Depending on the product, four ton or eight ton lifting eyes will be required. Swift Lifting Eyes are available for purchase from Ocean Pipe. Please contact our sales office for pricing.

How to Guide: Swift Lift Procedures


Rubber gaskets can be installed along with concrete pipe and manholes to create a watertight connection. Below is a quick guide on how to properly install a self-lubricating gasket in round pipe and manholes. If you have any further questions about concrete pipe and manhole gaskets please do not hesitate to contact us.

Superseal Gasket Installation Instructions


Proper installation of concrete pipe and boxes is crucial to ensuring pipelines perform to the designer’s requirements, both structural and otherwise. The American Concrete Pipe Association (ACPA) has conducted years of comprehensive analysis and research on the performance of buried concrete pipe and boxes. The knowledge gained through these many years of experience is presented in the following guide. Please note that this manual is intended as a guide and does not supersede any specific project specifications.

Concrete Pipe & Box Culvert Installation Guide


Manhole Takeoff Resource Sheet